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Why I’m Drinking Tonight: Squeezed From All Sides

Well this is a little heavy for Drunken Science, but fuck it – this is what’s making me drink tonight.  I guess it’s been going on for some time, but it’s only graphs like this that bring it home: Holy … Continue reading

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Frak you and your opinions, I’m still hot.

I was told this week by a man who has power over me that I “was asking for it” by the way I dress. Or rather, this man told two other women in a meeting that I am sexually harassed … Continue reading

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On Perpetuating Stereotypes

There are a lot of things that get me fucking annoyed.  Running out of tequila, sexual harassment, Sarah Palin, the list goes on.  But right up there is this whole fucked up idea of gender-stereotyped toys.  Over in America’s Air-Force … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the So-Called Feminists: Twats-O-Da-Week

Well, you knew this weekend would not pass without at least one Drunken Science rant on the Twats-O-Da-Week, the so-called feminist bloggers who have been hating on (there are so many, I need to make a list): Cheerleaders Science Cheerleaders … Continue reading

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If you don’t have fucking balls, step off the stage

I find it hilarious when people try to justify shit. Justification is ball-less 5th grader crap, if you don’t got ballz, go home and put your fucking diaper on. Case in point, I spent the early night playing guitar over … Continue reading

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In defense of Four Loko

Little Miss Ethanol here. This is my first post, and Imma go on a rant because I know Four loko is all in the news lately, kids are going crazy over it, and people are going crazy over banning it. … Continue reading

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Nicholas Fucking Cage Is My Hero

Hat tip to Rustbeard.

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