Rants. We gotz em.

This is a new blog. Big fucking deal I know. A new blog springs up more often John Holmes in a whorehouse. We are scientists or at least interested in this shit and we are tired. We work a lot. Probably a lot more than you. At least in terms of hours worked, not necessarily in terms of effort. So guesswhat? we enjoys a little bit †of that tipsy topsy beverage PLUS we gotz opinions!! Couple that with the internet and who the fuck knows whats going to happen here?!

So if you came for intelligent profound BS about science. You might get that here. If you came to chill the fuck out and get tanked and listen and partiipate in some drunken scientifically inclined rants, you hit the mutha fuckin jackpot!

have fun

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10 Responses to Rants. We gotz em.

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  2. John S. Wilkins says:

    A worthy successor to Frinktank!

  3. GingerSpicedRum says:

    I’m going to have to find an appropriate avatar.

  4. El Picador says:

    I don’t know who the fuck FinkTank is but this reads like some pale imitation of PhysioProf. That guy’s hilarious. You’d love him if you think this is good, Wilkins.

  5. Jeezus motherfucke, holmes. This shitte is totally fucken 2008. Nice try, though.

    • Thanks for the compliment! Wish you had something original to say though. Its not like I had to beg my readers to come up with some shit to rant about. Oh snap!

      • I’ve been churning out original shitte for fucken years, shitbagge. You write a few fucken derivative bullshitte postes and you thinke you’re something? You’re a fucken loser, and I bette you don’t even have the fucken stamina to keepe this shithole going for more than a few more weeks, and then you’ll just peter out liek all the other limpdicke douchebagges.

        Prove me wrong, dumbfucke.

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