Carkeek Cocktail

Carkeek Cocktail

Being the Drunken Scientist that I am, while hiking around Carkeek Park I thought of a cocktail recipe.  It all started with a snack of blackberries, which were conveniently trail-side and ripe for the picking.  Enjoying these delicious berries got me thinking of my homemade blackberry liquor, which got me thinking of my homemade limencello.

The hike continued and so did my thoughts about the cocktail I would enjoy at the hike’s end.  Once home, and after a few minutes in my cocktail laboratory, I’d whipped up the Carkeek Cocktail.  Enjoy!


Carkeek Cocktail

1 oz gin (Rogue Pink Spruce Gin is delicious in this!)

1/2 oz blackberry liquor

1/2 oz limencello

1 tablespoon ginger beer syrup (I used Kelly’s)

crushed ice

Directions: place ice in cocktail shaker, add all remaining ingredients.  Strain into glass and enjoy in the sun.

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