Creepy Halloween Cocktail

Hosting or heading to a Halloween party this weekend?  Whip-up a Halloween cocktail favorite – the brain hemorrhage.  This scary shot is sure to be a hit at your party!

A popular brain hemorrhage shot recipe calls for peach schnapps, Irish cream and grenadine.  This Halloween, I’ve traded the peach schnapps for creme de cacoa and the results is a delicious, decadent and devilish treat!

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1 Response to Creepy Halloween Cocktail

  1. what? you happy assholes to drunk to post anything for a whole month? no turkey-flavored cocktail? no science tips on how to drink for minimizing family-stress and black friday fatigue? there’s gotta be lots of old xmas pagan punch recipes out there for you to whip up while you run a gel. come on, i need some drunken snark!

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