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I'm a museum girl, educator, science geek and costumer. Sometimes all at once.

Why I’m Drinking Tonight: Little Things Matter.

Things I would like: *If I never had to plan my route through my workplace based on which security guard is assigned to guard the escalator, for fear of an encounter that leaves me feeling disgusted and like I should … Continue reading

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Local Watering Hole Review: The Famous Neons Unplugged

We’ve all had this kind of day. The day where a professor tells you that Biblical parables are a valid source for information about Classical Cultures, and that wonder bread is a healthy food. The day where a [insert local … Continue reading

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Should I Mix it with Alcohol? A Metastudy:

Not all of these experiments were conducted by me. I’m not admitting which were. Hawaiian punch + vodka = Yes Hawaiian punch + crappy wine = strangely, yes Hawaiian Punch + gin = No Capri Sun + gin = No … Continue reading

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Frak you and your opinions, I’m still hot.

I was told this week by a man who has power over me that I “was asking for it” by the way I dress. Or rather, this man told two other women in a meeting that I am sexually harassed … Continue reading

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Toward a Taxonomy of Beer

There are as many types of beer as there are types of people. First, there’s beer you drink when you’re at the house party of a friend with poor taste when you forgot to bring your flask.┬áThen there’s the beer … Continue reading

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This is Why I Drink, Museum Educator Edition

So, I’m not usually a bench scientist.While I have a freelance gig as a forensic anthropologist when one of the local coroners need extra hands, and I run away to do field work whenever I get a chance, my usual … Continue reading

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