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Quest for the Best Odd Beer Episode 2: Panty Peeler Tripel The brew for this QBOB was selected for 1 reason: sex – or rather, a sex survey.  Just in time for the holiday party season, certain media outlets and … Continue reading

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Superbug Wines

Let it be known that on the date of December the Twenty-Ninth in the 2,010th year of our lord, praise be to thy noodly appendage, Kevin Zelnio (@kzelnio) and Maryn McKenna (@marynmck) had an epic twitter duel. The full correspondence … Continue reading

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Libation Lab: Glögg (Its What Jesus Would Drink)

That is, if Jesus were Swedish, a polytheist penis-pole worshipping pagan, or Chris Hemsworth. Glögg is a traditional Swedish holiday beverage. If there is one thing that Swedes love more than midsummer, Kräftskiva or pretty much the month of August, … Continue reading

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For The Libation Lab: The Moscow Mule

Happy Christmas, everyone! Tonight I bring you a tasty adult beverage to add to the Libation Lab, courtesy of my lovely and talented brother Rob—chef and bartender extraordinaire. This drink is called the Moscow Mule. The Ingredients: For Lime Air: … Continue reading

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Should I drink this beer?

This beer has been in Grampa’s bar for an indeterminate amount of time. When we moved him to a retirement home after gramma died last January, my father and his brother split the extensive liquor inventory of grampa’s handbuilt bar. … Continue reading

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QBCBC 5: Coors Light

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 5: Coors Light There comes a point in one’s life where you have to ask is what I do worth it? This is one of those turning point … Continue reading

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Libation Lab

The holidays are often a time of adventurous eating and excessive drinking.  How about adventurous drinking?  When better to experiment with a new cocktail recipe, or create one of your own, then this festive time of year?  Now is a … Continue reading

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