Chocolate Toddy Martini

This morning, it all started with @scicurious tweeting her lastest @sciamblogs post ‘Is city living driving you crazy?’.  I retweeted this great post, along with the smart-ass comment “No. My city’s steady stream of coffee & cocktails soothes me :D”.   After @GertyZ asked, “What is the best caffeinated cocktail?”, @scicurious@doc_becca@GertyZ and I were atwitter about chocolate espresso martinis.  

I thought about a such a delicious concoction all day.  Tonight, I whipped up a Chocolate Toddy Martini to enjoy as I unwind from a day livin’ in the big city!


Chocolate Toddy Martini

rim glass brown sugar (optional)

To cocktail shaker add the following:

1 oz chocolate vodka (I used 360 Double Chocolate Vodka)

1.5 oz cold brew coffee (toddy)

1/2 tbsp simple syrup


Directions: shake, strain and enjoy!

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1 Response to Chocolate Toddy Martini

  1. This is very innovative. First we thought real toddy (Palm wine) is used. This is even better!

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