An Open Letter to the So-Called Feminists: Twats-O-Da-Week

Well, you knew this weekend would not pass without at least one Drunken Science rant on the Twats-O-Da-Week, the so-called feminist bloggers who have been hating on (there are so many, I need to make a list):

  1. Cheerleaders
  2. Science Cheerleaders
  3. Attractive Science Cheerleaders
  4. Attractive Intelligent Science Cheerleaders
  5. Attractive Intelligent Science Writers who happen to defend the Science Cheerleaders
  6. Attractive women in general
NOOOOOO!! You can't be a model AND use a computer!! Totes not allowed. (You know Zuska hates them)

NOOOOOO!! You can't be a model AND use a computer!! Totes not allowed.

I’d make you a Venn Diagram to visually display all the hate, but I’ve been drinking. You’ll have to just use your imagination. But here’s some help: Lottsa hate, almost no love.

Here’s what I’m gonna do: Imma write an open letter to these women (?) who have spewed some of the most ridiculous, hypocritical, offensive, closed-minded, anti-feminist rhetoric I’ve ever read, all over the blogs and comment threads in the last week. If you want to feast your eyes and maybe blow chunks, take a look at this bullshit by this so-called feminist over at Scientopia. She goes on a rant about a post written several days ago in support of Science Cheerleaders written by blogger Andrea Kuszewski at Science 2.0 (The Sexing Up Of Science), yet doesn’t link to the actual article she bitches about. Blogging FAIL. What’s wrong? Afraid if people actually read the original article they might see through your crock of steaming shit that you’re serving? Well, no fear. I’ll provide the link for you.

Plenty of other blogs are talking about this issue from various angles, so I’m going to say the things many people are  thinking, but no one has the nerve to say, other than a select few incredible people, such as Erv, in her badass blog post from earlier today.

This is not targeted at all feminists, only the morons who made public display of their idiocy over the last few days. I don’t want to point out the Fem-jerks or their band of Merry Cronies by name, so I’ll just let you fill in the blanks. Here’s my letter to you ladies… erm, whatever you call yourselves:

Dear FeministsFTW,

You claim to be defenders of women, but that’s horseshit. You are defenders of women like you, or those women who you feel you can turn to the dark side easily and without much protest.

You prey on the minds of insecure women, telling them that the Big Bad Man is going to come and try to turn them into BDSM sex slaves and housewives if they don’t heed your stern warning. You twist and skew what was once a decent effort at earning women equal status as men in society, and perverted it into a Women Must Overtake The Evil Men Union.

In your eyes, it is evil for women to try to appear attractive, because that is only their evil way of using their evil sexuality to lure men into their evil traps! EVIL!!!

Fuck that. Screw your hate on attractive women. That’s really what this is about, isn’t it? If the women doing science cheers were ugly, overweight, and repulsive to men (and women), you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass what they were doing.

But NOOOOOOO…. not attractive women!!!!

Ya know what this sounds like to me? Like y’all are slightly insecure women who are still holding on to resentment from high school rejection by guys who preferred the cheerleaders over you. It’s time to let go of it. It probably wasn’t the cheerleader’s fault. Maybe you were just as sour and bitchy back then as you are now, and that’s what the big turn-off was. WHO FUCKING KNOWS? I am willing to bet that none of the people you are trying to crucify had anything to do with your past or present personal life. So stop projecting.

All I do know is that I am tired of being in the crowd of women that get targeted by people like you for merely attracting men, and–godforbid–actually enjoy it.

Here’s the thing, so-called feminists: you are supposed to be in support of all women, not just the ones who don’t shave their legs. Because, according to you, we only shave our legs and groom ourselves to please men. Well, we all know that’s fucking bullshit, but let’s for one moment pretend it isn’t (and this is some BIG pretending)…

What the hell is the matter with me wanting to wear makeup, go out to a public place, and enjoy having a man tell me I look nice? Why is that evil? Why is it “letting men control me” if I want to wear a hot outfit and be noticed? What if I enjoy the attention? OH THE HORROR NOT THAT ANYTHING BUT THAT WE CAN’T LIKE SEX IT IS EVIL TO LIKE SEX WE CAN HAVE SEX BUT WE CAN’T LIKE IT.

WTF? Has Christine O’Donnel infiltrated the feminist camps and instituted a “anti-sexy policy”? Will the femgods strike me dead if I dare show my cleavage AND WORST OF ALL DO IT WILLINGLY AND WITH PLEASURE?

In one of the particularly amusing rants I found, a blogger states:

“All girls love cheerleaders, unless they are (a) ugly hairy legged feminazis who can’t get laid, (b) ugly hairy legged feminazi lesbian bulldyke ballcrushers, or (c) ugly sad pathetic uncoordinated wannabes who didn’t make cheerleader in high school.”

Uh, excuse me….. letter fucking (c). DFS. Have you STILL not gotten a clue as to what cheerleading entails? It is really godamn difficult! If you are uncoordinated, NO you are probably NOT going to make the squad.  Also, if you weigh 250 lbs, you probably aren’t going to make the squad either, because you probably won’t have the athletic ability to do a cartwheel, nevermind a basket toss or a scorpion. Because lemme tell ya–if you put the amount of time into training for cheerleading that is necessary to be at that competitive level, so you could indeed perform well, you wouldn’t weigh 250 lbs–I think it would be impossible. If I’m wrong about that fact, please, I’m begging you, prove me wrong.

Also, physical facial features, aka, “beauty” really has little to do with who gets on a competitive cheerleading squad. Physique, yes. But that’s because you NEED to be in top shape to perform well. It’s a sport! Would you expect to see out-of-shape gymnasts? Or volleyball players? If those athletes are hot, are they evil too?

Finally, what the hell kind of a person organizes a web campaign, recruiting male cheerhaters (who probably also suffer from PTSD due to rejection in high school) to go around and troll the blogs, smacking down any female who even DARES to offer a comment of support for REAL feminism and gender equality (that means not the kind of feminism BS you preach which = think the way I do or burn), so as to intimidate and bully?

What exactly is the goal here? Mind control? To become Supreme Ruler of the Hivemind? Trying to punish the world for your ill fortune in life?

How fucking old are we again? And what country do we live in… Iran? Afghanistan?

Give me a fucking break, and get over your insecurities and control issues. And just relax about cheerleaders. Stop obsessing over them. And stop loathing women who take care of themselves and take pride in their appearance. There’s nothing evil about that.

Cheerleaders and sexy women aren’t ruining your life–you’re doing that all by yourself. You may not particularly like cheerleaders, but they aren’t doing anything to you. Leave them alone. If you want to be a group of miserable bitchy manhaters, so be it. But don’t force the rest us to do the same.

One more thing: I have fantastic breasts and I like wearing clothes that flatter them. Sue me.


An Attractive Female Who Also Happens To Be Wicked Intelligent

P.S. You can kiss my ass, too.

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21 Responses to An Open Letter to the So-Called Feminists: Twats-O-Da-Week

  1. Frozen Margarita says:

    I have fantastic breasts and I like wearing clothes that flatter them. Sue me.

    Me too, Ginger, me too. Yet I was told at a post-conference party a few years ago by some male friends of mine to “put them away” because it was really distracting and they didn’t feel able to talk to me as a -ologist.

    • GingerSpicedRum says:

      That’s when I would say that they should be grateful for their free lesson in self-control and appropriate social behavior, and I would prefer they not speak to me like a creeper.

      Then I would say “Thank you” because that was obviously their ill-attempt at a compliment.

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  3. El Picador says:

    The response of whiny ass attractive women being called on their unexamined privilege is almost as fucking hilarious as when Nice Guy Whiny Ass Titty Baby Middle Class HetNorm Doods get called out and whinge…..

    • GingerSpicedRum says:

      “whiny ass attractive women being called on their unexamined privilege ”

      This is an interesting choice of words.

      So you are saying:

      1. Voicing frustration and aggravation = whining
      [in other words: If it is a point you personally find valid = “voicing frustration” or possibly just “complaining”. If it is a point you don’t agree with or find valid = “whining”] Bias anyone?

      2. Being attractive is a “privilege” (this could be an arguably true statement), and one that should be apologized for somehow (this is the part I have a problem with). So attractive persons should have to pay retribution in some way? Maybe we could have public floggings for violation of the Mediocre Looks Law.

      3. You have no respect for women who don’t follow your rules. We call that chauvinism.

      What kind of a Vonnegutesque world do you hold to be ideal, anyway? I don’t think the Science Cheerleaders are going around ridiculing or mocking or hating on persons who may be less attractive than they are.


      They ARE reaching out to young girls and telling them to ignore people like yourself–ignore those who try and make you feel ashamed of who you are, or what you look like, or what type of profession you choose, or what types of hobbies you find enjoyable (Breaking News: Some girls intrinsically enjoy cheerleading!!).

      They ARE sending the message that you can strive to do whatever you are passionate about, without feeling as if you need to give in to the artificial restrictions placed by society, based on their contrived expectations of what they think you should do.

      They ARE sending the message that you don’t have to choose between either being a cheerleader or being a scientist; you can do both. (But you make it very clear that if they choose to do both, they will be rejected and mocked by people like yourself.)

      Also… what exactly are attractive women being “called on”? Being attractive? Is that against the law? Breaking some moral code? Drawing an unfair amount of social attention? Maybe you could propose a solution to this flagrant display of unruly and disgusting behavior by attractive women.

      Perhaps you can get some ideas here:

      • El Picador says:

        I’m objecting to the whining and the unexamined privilege douchery coming from the DefenderzOfScienceCheerleaders, that’s all.

        I got no problem with the attractive part.

        Rules? ahahaahahha, who do you think you are, SZvan?

        • GingerSpicedRum says:

          Never heard of SZvan until you posted that, and I don’t see the connection/comparison, so…. I guess that lacked the “zing” you intended. Sorry to disappoint you.

          And aren’t you the sciblogging expert on douchery?

          Hope you are enjoying your Saturday night!

          • ERV says:

            I know who SZvan is, and I dont see the connection/comparison either.

            “…unexamined privilege…”

            What ‘unexamined privilege’? ‘Privilege’ of being ‘pretty’? Does that mean you think Im pretty? Does that mean you would treat me in a more positive (privileged) manner if we were interacting irl? Do you think Ive always been pretty, to the extent I have had a life of ‘privilege’, due to people, like you, who treat people differently based on appearances? Do you think Im surrounded by people who have your standards of ‘pretty’, therefore must give me ‘unfair’ advantages, like you would?

            Do you think this ‘pretty privilege’ trumps ‘racism’, thus giving ‘pretty women of color’ a net win, like Zuska? Do you think ‘pretty privilege’ trumps ‘homophobia’, thus giving ‘pretty GBLT girls’ a net win (they can always act straight, amirite?), like Zuska? Do you think ‘pretty privilege’ of women trumps trumps the thousands of male cheerleaders out there, thus giving anyone the right to ignore their existence, like Zuska?

            Whos position, exactly, is ‘unexamined’?

          • El Picador says:

            I don’t know what the hell you look like ERV and I don’t care a whit either. It is pretty much irrelevant to evaluation of the idiocy you consistently post on the internetz.

          • ERV says:


            Its like having a discussion with a goldfish!!


            EFG, dude, EFG.

  4. becca says:

    Yeah, it’s totes obvious who the other-woman-hating whackaloon who is oversensitive to rejection is right about now. “drunken rant” doesn’t excuse it, you know.

    • GingerSpicedRum says:

      I make no excuses for myself; sometimes I just need to tell it how it is.

      And just what is the excuse for all the repressed resentment projected onto the Science Cheerleaders that’s coming from your cohort? Just plain longing to engage in cyber bullying? Ordinary meanness? Temporary hostile takeover of your psyche by an alien judgmental bitch?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. No one gives a shit what the fucke you do with your “fantastic breasts”. What’s sad is that you don’t have the slightest clue about what makes your breasts “fantastic” and why.

    • gingerspicedrum says:

      How would you know that I don’t? How do you know what type of training I’ve had or what courses I took in school? Is that a stereotypical assumption, that I don’t know the first thing about anatomy or physiology?

      Too bad you only seem interested in screwing with people on the internet rather than actually discussing science; there’s probably a lot we could both learn from each other.

  6. PhD Duh says:

    Wow, you are really a horrible hypocritical chickenshit. You can dish it out but not take it, Andrea? Why did you change the “gingerspicedrum” link to no longer include your name?

  7. PhD Duh says:

    “Make no excuses” and “tell it like it is” my ass.

    • gingerspicedrum says:

      Who made an excuse?

      And yes, I tell it like it is, so…

      Nothing you have said yet gives me any new information in support of your opinion on this issue. In fact, I’m not even clear what your stance/opinion IS; the only thing you’ve done is make incomprehensible statements of non-specific angst. If you actually said something worth discussing, we might be able to have a conversation. As it is, seems like you just stopped by to yank on my braids.

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  10. Kiza says:

    I know this is a few months old topic but I just read it and I loved it. You must be of the few feminists I could get along with XD.

    It is as you say, for example when feminists complain that men don’t like strong women I reply: “I do like strong women, I love a girl who can squat more weight than me”

    But apparently for regular feminist that doesn’t count as strong woman, only the mind counts and they should all just be couch potatoes to be respected. They seriously expect to do zero effort and get all the attention, well that’s not going to happen.

    If you despise so much a woman who looks good, well just go to the !#$@!# gym or go hiking, snowboarding, swimming etc, its not that hard. Don’t go saying that women go do sports are playing into the evil men’s game.

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