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Shitstall Philosophy 101: Welcome to the Secular Priesthood Bitchez

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An Open Letter to the So-Called Feminists: Twats-O-Da-Week

Well, you knew this weekend would not pass without at least one Drunken Science rant on the Twats-O-Da-Week, the so-called feminist bloggers who have been hating on (there are so many, I need to make a list): Cheerleaders Science Cheerleaders … Continue reading

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When life is hard

My mom and dad are funny. For the most part, they regard my affection for the booze with equal parts worry, fascination, and pride–the perfect cocktail of parental emotion, really. But every year at Thanksgiving they change the balance a … Continue reading

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I’m tired of all these muthafukkin creationists on this muthafukkin plane

When I was interviewing for grad schools in 2004, I went to rural Big Ten University and flew from NorCal. On my flight over I was a bunch of paper from professors there I wanted to meet with, mostly in … Continue reading

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Reading the fucking textbook

Frozen Margarita reporting for drunk texting. Pre-college level textbooks are notorious for blatant inaccuracies.  I’m used to spotting the errors in mine (take note Pearson Publishing, caffeine is NOT a banned substance in athletics you retards), and kinda expect my … Continue reading

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If you don’t have fucking balls, step off the stage

I find it hilarious when people try to justify shit. Justification is ball-less 5th grader crap, if you don’t got ballz, go home and put your fucking diaper on. Case in point, I spent the early night playing guitar over … Continue reading

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QBCBC 1: Schaefer

Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can Episode 1: Schaefer Beer Some know it as “the beer to drink when you want more than one beer”. Schaefer was bought out by Stroh Brewing Co. in the 70s which … Continue reading

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