Should I Mix it with Alcohol? A Metastudy:

Not all of these experiments were conducted by me. I’m not admitting which were.

Hawaiian punch + vodka = Yes
Hawaiian punch + crappy wine = strangely, yes
Hawaiian Punch + gin = No
Capri Sun + gin = No
Izze Sparkling Clementine + vodka = Yes
Airborne + Orange Vodka = No
Pomegranates + vodka = Yes
Avocados + vodka = Yes
Bananas + vodka – ice = No
Bananas + Hershey syrup + vodka + ice = Yes
Any fruit aside from bananas + vodka = Yes
Coffee + n where n=/= gin = Yes
Coffee + gin = No
Hershey syrup + gin = No
Chocolate + sea salt + whiskey = Yes
Tomatoes + gin = Yes
cucumbers + gin = Yes
Vanilla beans + whiskey
Apple pie spice + vodka = Yes
Apple pie spice + whiskey = Yes
Apple pie spice + gin = no


If you’re going to mix random shit with alcohol, stay away from gin. What in bloody hell are you doing mixing gin with random shit anyway? It’s practically perfect by itself!

I know you all at some point have thought “Hmm, I wonder if I could put vodka in that…” What combinations would you recommend/run away from?

About Seelix

I'm a museum girl, educator, science geek and costumer. Sometimes all at once.
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2 Responses to Should I Mix it with Alcohol? A Metastudy:

  1. Mary Sue says:

    Tang and Jug Red Wine = Surprisingly okay. We used to call this Tangria

  2. Apple cider + gin = no

    But apple cider + vodka hmm…

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