Local Watering Hole Review: The Famous Neons Unplugged

We’ve all had this kind of day.

The day where a professor tells you that Biblical parables are a valid source for information about Classical Cultures, and that wonder bread is a healthy food.

The day where a [insert local evangelical counterpart to Girl Scouts] asks if your Geology program involves *whispers* “the E word”.

This is the kind of day when your home bar, no matter how well stocked, just won’t do because you want someone else to make your drink for you.

So where do you go?

To answer that question, I’m initiating a new feature on Drunken Science.

Local Watering Hole Reviews
Selection, Service, Ambiance, Drunksci Friendly


Step 1: Enlist someone to drive you to bar. Alternately, walk to bar.

Step 2: Observe
Step 3: Imbibe.
Step 4: Imbibe.
Step 5: Have previously enlisted person drive you home.
Step 6: Squint at your computer screen and hit keys until words happen. Alternate protocol: Sleep until you can detect words. Then hit keys.
Step 7: Profit. (?)

Local Watering Hole: The Famous Neons Unplugged in Cincinnati

Now, first things first, this is not my usual watering hole. I’ve always been a pub kind of girl. However, I had been hearing great things about this bar for a while. And I had been hearing even better things about their cocktail creator, Molly Wellmann for even longer.
So when I got to the chance to head over there after these particularly *interesting* couple of days, I jumped at it.

Selection 4/5 Good selection of mostly local beers on tap, and a decent selection of bottled beers. Limited selection of my favorite styles – porters and stouts, but several of my favs are represented by what’s there. However, they get points for serving Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, since that company is definitely sci-friendly. No bad beer on the list. The cocktail selection is fantastic.

Service 5/5 My Molly Wellmann cocktails were worth the hype. One was Campari, St. Germain, Vodka and fresh squeezed lemon. The other was a mix I couldn’t completely identify – very orangy. Possibly cointreau, fresh squeezed orange juice and/or lemon juice, possibly chambord? (where was a syrupy note I couldn’t pick out).

The first cocktail, the one with the lemon, was a perfect mix of sweet and sour for me. It had a nice kick, and I can’t help but wonder what it would taste like with gin. The second one was bordering on too sweet for me, but I imagine it would be perfect for someone just moving away from fruity mock-tinis and into serious cocktail experimentation. My friend who doesn’t drink hard liquor thought it was great. He said it tasted a bit like a creamsicle.

Ambiance –/5 I’m not judging its clientele based on today. Cincinnati famously loses its collective mind on Opening Day.  However, the phsyical building is lovely. The barback looks functionally and beautifully arranged, and the woodwork and exposed beams made me drool. The upstairs reminded me of every hippy party I’ve been to, minus the typical smoke cloud. I could see it being a nice place to relax. The patio was great. I want to go back when it’s warm enough for me to not be shivering. I dont’ know what to think of the giant hipster jenga games. The educator in me cringes at the potential for catastrophic injury. The geek in me wants to build a catapult with it.

Drunksci Friendliness 5/5 This would be a great bar to hang out at with scientists with cocktail geek leanings. The bar was well stocked, and Ms. Wellmann obviously knows her way around. Watching her mixing drinks made me want to start playing with my own concoctions. And fresh citrus!!!

The upstairs room would be perfect from some drunken ranting/geeking and impromptu lecturing. The bocce court outside and the hipster jenga could make for some nice physics demonstrations. Between the outdoor grill, the fireplace and the bar it has the chemists covered. The social scientists would be fascinated by the mix of people. As for the biologists… well, there’s alcohol. Enough said.

All in all, it was a nice experience. I would take the herd of drunkscis there. However, I’m calling not-designated driver! Let’s get a cab.

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I'm a museum girl, educator, science geek and costumer. Sometimes all at once.
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