Quest for the Best Odd Beer Episode 2: Panty Peeler Tripel

The brew for this QBOB was selected for 1 reason: sex – or rather, a sex survey.  Just in time for the holiday party season, certain media outlets and blogs announced said sex survey’s results:

  • 65% of responders say they’ve given sex for the holidays
  • 57% of respondents report bailing on a holiday event for a quickie
  • 33% of respondents say they’re more likely to have a 1-night stand on New Year’s Eve than on any other night
  • 29% of respondents have “dipped their quills in the company ink” at their company’s holiday party

Jezebel has dubbed this study “highly-reputable”.  This Drunk Scientist has to agree – and not because of who conducted the survey (Wet – who better?) or how the data was obtained (online poll).  Two votes for highly-reputable: (1) Wet’s survey data is proving harder to find than a condom in the dark and (2) media outlets and blogs have reported survey takers as women and/or “respondents” depending on their spin.

Panty Peeler from Midnight Sun Brewing Co. | "Ride Free" is in small print on the label's left side.

“Highly-reputable” is a term could be used when discussing this QBOB’s selection – a Belgian-style Tripel. It’s got Belgian malt, Belgian yeast, Styrian Goldings hops and a dubious-claim-as-a-name.  The cheeky brewers over at Midnight Sun & Brewing Co. also state “Undies not required” and advise you to “Ride free.”  And yes, that is a nude woman riding a moose/caribou/reindeer on the bottle.

The brew: Panty Peeler TripelMidnight Sun Brewing Co.

ABV: 8.5

IBU: 15


“Other” ingredientsCuracao orange peel & coriander

Price: $8.99 per 22 fl oz bottle

Color: amber

Aroma: lovely citrus breeze over a malty scent

First sip: spicy and malty, with a bitter bite – more of a citrus bite than hops’ bitterness

Overall: Satisfying drink, but no quickie. As noted by the Alström Bros over at the Beer Advocate:

Tripels are actually notoriously alcoholic, weighing in at around seven percent to 10 percent (+/-) alcohol by volume, yet the best crafted ones hide this character quite evil-like and deceivingly, making them sipping beers.

It’s the deceptive nature of the Tripel – high ABV, high “drinkability” – that likely explains the dubious-claim-name.  Panty Peeler was just a nickname for this brew’s original moniker, Extreme Polar White Bier, until re-branding.

Tripel threat: spicy slightly-sweet citrus drinkability.  Plus, this Drunk Scientist’s preference is for higher ABV brews, like this Tripel.  Given the fl oz and the ABV, the price isn’t a huge quibble.

Tripel downside: not that odd. Delicious, but not the kooky brew desired. “Vanilla” enough to be recommended to staid drinkers.

P.S. for all it’s charms, Panty Peeler isn’t witchcraft, it’s craft beer – don’t expect clothes to fly off à la the label art.

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