Should I drink this beer?

This beer has been in Grampa’s bar for an indeterminate amount of time. When we moved him to a retirement home after gramma died last January, my father and his brother split the extensive liquor inventory of grampa’s handbuilt bar. The bar was awesome and was a center of our family social life for decades. Very sad to not have it a part of family get-togethers anymore.

But we uncovered several of these Jupiler Belgian canned beers and not sure what to do with them. I really want to try them! Beer stays for ages right? Even it were 10-15 years old tops, it would still be all right to drink right? According to Wikipedia Jupiler is Belgium’s most popular mass-produced beer (owned by Anheuser-Busch Inbev) and is a 5.2 pale lager. It might actually qualify for entry into the Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can if I can determine its price here in the states. So anyways, drinking this if it is old won’t kill me right? My dad thinks its probably between 5-10 years old.

Gramma was a proud, fighting Belgian. And our midwestern town had a strong Belgian influence, even a Belgian Cultural Center. So I was raised knowing what a decent beer should taste like and from early on learned to squander my money on the finest beer I can get ahold of.

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2 Responses to Should I drink this beer?

  1. Hmm. Just read the page for Jupiler

    Jupiler has an outspoken image of masculinity, courage and adventure. Furthermore, Jupiler understands men like no other brand and shares their best moments. This combination of male bonding, self-confidence and self-relativation, speaks to all men and makes Jupiler an ally on their road through life.

    What about women? If they drink it will they grow testicles and conquer mountains? And what best moments are Jupiler and men going to share exactly?! What a load of horrible advertising BS.

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