Superbug Wines

Let it be known that on the date of December the Twenty-Ninth in the 2,010th year of our lord, praise be to thy noodly appendage, Kevin Zelnio (@kzelnio) and Maryn McKenna (@marynmck) had an epic twitter duel. The full correspondence can be gleaned at the hashtag #superbugwines. The goal was to merge wine varietals with microbial pathogens. It all started with a simple, yet complex question, “what wine goes w/ Superbug?” Thus it started with Kevin replying “Pinot Coli?” and evolved into an epic twitter duel.

Kevin: Pinot Coli


Ed Yong: MRSAuvignon blanc

Maryn: Pseudomoet

Kevin: Pinot Vibrio

Maryn: Acinetoblaufrankisch

Maryn: Trockenbeerenetobacter

Maryn: Trichinauslese

Kevin: Cabernet Staphylococnon

Maryn: Pseudoveltliner

Maryn: Petite Serratia

Kevin: Asti Streptomanti

Kevin: Botulais

Maryn: Barbera Cereus

Maryn: Acanthamargaux

Kevin: Yersignier

Kevin: White VHFandel

Maryn: Vibrio chotesdurhone

Maryn: Citrobarsac

Maryn: Montepulshigella

Bora Zivkovic: S. cuppernog

Kevin: Legionellamilch

The final tally was Maryn=11, Kevin=9, Ed=1, Bora=1. Maryn was quicker on her feet, but Kevin provided a worthy battle, especially for someone without any microbiology experience, although I hear he studied Vinology at UC-Davis for a semester.

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