Quest for the Best Odd Beer Episode 1: Coconut Porter

With a tip of my glass to bourbonbastard, I am starting my own quest – for the best odd beer.  That is, beer that uses ingredients beyond or instead of just water, barley and hops.

...Like Hot Chicks On The Beach

First up: Maui Brewing Company‘s Coconut Porter.

%Alcohol: 5.7

IBU: 30

Key ingredients: 6 varieties of malted barley, Cascade hops and hand-toasted coconut.

Price: $3.99 per can

Color: a lovely coffee brown

Aroma: malty coffee

First sip: smooth & delicious…coffee, dark chocolate & just-right bitterness

Aftertaste: here is where the coconut is! First sip notes softly carried to the end.

Overall: Enjoyable 12 oz. that I will buy again. The coconut is just a quick parting kiss, so I would recommend to my more traditional beer drinking friends.  On the downside, this brew is only sold in single cans (in my area) and at roughly $24 for 6 cans…it won’t make  it on bourbonbastard ‘s Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can (QBCBC) list.

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3 Responses to QBOB

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  2. JCW says:

    I’m gonna guess your price is dictated by your distance from Hawai’i. It’s usually $5.99 for a 4-pack in Ka’anapali or even Waikiki. And about $8 for the 4-pack in NorCal.

  3. liquorup says:

    You’re probably correct and the store I happened upon this brew isn’t know for its bargains 🙂 Wish I could find it cheaper!

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