Spring Fling

Warmer weather means cooler clothing and spring flings – the iced cocktail, that is.  @absolutvodka_us offers up this recipe for a Spring Fling cocktail featuring tequila, while  @dotw does it with gin.  I ditch the hard stuff for a lighter Spring Fling, based on the classic white wine spritzer with a few twists.

Spring Fling

1 750 mL bottle of moscato wine

650 mL sparkling mineral water

8 oz peach schnapps

8 oz DeKuyper sour apple pucker

5 oz orange curaçao

1.5 oz key lime juice

large bag of mixed frozen fruit

ice cubes

Mix alcohols, mineral water and lime juice.  Pack each serving class with half frozen fruit, half ice.  Fill glass with alcohol mix, Enjoy!

Recycle!  When all that’s left is ice and fruit, throw it into a blender with tequila for a frozen margarita.

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