QBCBC 45: King Cobra

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 45: King Cobra. The QBCBC archive is here.

This beer just sounds badass. I’ve usually only seen it in 40s, but lately seeing sold in 16 oz. cans in 6-packs.

% Alcohol: 6.0

Price: $4.47/6 16 oz. cans = $0.56/12 oz. can

Punch: 6.0%/$0.56=10.71

Color: Pissin’ yeller.

Aroma: Has a stale, skunked sort of foul aroma, reminds me of something like a Bud Light.

First Sip: Not horrible. In fact my wife preferred it to the Yuengling I gave her earlier. Tastes a bit stronger, not quite watered down like Bud Light or Miller Lite.

Aftertaste: Only a very short crisp bitterness develops.

Overall: Let’s be honest. This shit is dirt cheap for a 6 percenter. You will accomplish nothing but getting shitfaced if you succumb to the venom of King Cobra.

Score: 5/10

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