QBCBC 43: Blue Moon

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 43: Blue Moon. The QBCBC archive is here.

Dudes, going to be honest with you all here. This is Blue Moon is a fucking can. This sort of blows my mind. I saw this at Walmart, first time ever seeing Blue Moon in a can. I’ve gotten it off tap and many times in a bottle. But a fucking wheat beer in a can. WOAH. I am most curious if the canning process runs it though.

% Alcohol: 5.4

Price: $13.79/12 12 oz. cans = $1.15/12 oz. can

Punch: 5.4%/$1.15=4.70

Color: Orange and cloudy. Not clear at all, very hefeweizenish.

Aroma: Sweet and citrusy.

First Sip: Wheaty and with that slight citrus note, slgihtly less sweet on the tongue than in the aroma.

Aftertaste: The sweetness develops on the back of the tongue. The aftertaste lingers a little bit but is not very bitter.

Overall: When comparing this to your typical shitty lager or ale, it not that bad. But that is an unfair comparison since Blue Moon is brewed and marketed (rightly so, but quality has definitely fallen in the couple years) as a step above the rest. A sort of mass-produced Belgian-style (though not really…) Wheat Ale. The fact that you can get this shit in a can is pretty amazing though. Brings into a whole other realm. In the realm of can beers (with the Exception of Oskar Blues Brewing Co. which I can’t find down here) this is pretty top notch crap. I’d like to compare it bottled versions of Blue Moon someday. I often Blue Moon on draught to be very disappointing.

Score: 7/10

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