Our favorite cocktails

“If you were to ask me if I’d ever had the bad luck to miss my daily cocktail, I’d have to say that I doubt it; where certain things are concerned, I plan ahead.” ~ Luis Buñuel



Dark and Stormy @eclecticechoes

“When I’m wearing my chemist’s hat, it’s Maker’s Mark (distilled pain) Otherwise, it’s a nice single malt scotch” @sciencegeist

Radler (Belgian beer, lime, pineapple aquavit) @Oreoverse

@HendricksGin martini @joergheber

“Alabama Slammer – like the sweetness. Jack and Coke, a boozers standard. Gin and Tonic – when I’m feeling fresh.” @AwkwardBoehner

French 75 @DrKlapperich

Manhattan Coke (Jim Beam and Coke, with maraschino cherries) @MGhydro

Bees Knees @deborahblum

The Last Word @seelix

“the Journalist” (no really: perfect martini+lemon+triple sec+bitters) @marynmck

“red wine. Don’t like coctails. Bloody mary is fav among coctails” @scimomof2

“whiskey.. with whiskey best drink ever” @Alchemystress

Mexican martini @ejwillingham

Cucumber mojito @blakestacey

“Sweet Tea Vodka and soda or cold Patron” @jadebio

Sloe Gin Jizz @hectocotyli

Caipirinha @rmvq

“In order: Caipirinha, long island ice tea, gin & tonic, whiskey & cola” @kzelnio

vodka gimlet @jgold85

“In order: 1) bourbon, ginger, twist. 2) Negroni. 3) Manhattan.” @ElOceanografo

Fear & Loathing (gin, campari, agave, amaro) @leonidkruglyak

the creamsicle screwdriver “Just orange juice, vanilla vodka and ice. Yum!” @SapphireSeaLion

” Negroni! NEGRONI!” @SciTriGrrl

Jack & Ginger or @BullDogGin martini @psyDoctor8

“Bourbon and ginger. Or, IFF in tropics, local fruit daiquiris.” @ShipLives

“My favorite cocktail is Crown Royal with Royal Crown Cola AKA the Divide By Zero” @magichateball

“dark rum and ginger beer! Yummy” @labroides

“just discovered the Zombie: spiced rum, regular rum, cherry liqueur, grenadine, pineapple juice. It’s old school.” @JeanneGarb

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