QBCBC 29: Corona Extra

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 29: Corona Extra. The QBCBC archive is here.

Its got something extra! What it is, nobody knows…

% Alcohol: 4.8

Price: $1.99/24 oz. can = $1.00/12 oz. can

Punch: 4.8%/$1.00=4.8

Color: Amarillo

Aroma: Has a sort of fresh smell to it and a nice hint of hops.

First Sip: A little flavor to it, very very teensy tiny hint of caramel. Not very powerful, but not watered down tasting.

Aftertaste: The hops comes out in the aftertaste, a decent bitterness to it, not foul or skunked.

Overall: Not sure what is extra about it. The alcohol content is typical and the flavor is average. This is WAY better than Corona Light though. I don’t mind this beer. It is certainly the best of the Quest, but its a good general beer to slam down on a hot day after work. Pretty refreshing, not overpowering. Can be slammable if you want it to be. Unfortunately, its priced like an import. I got it on sale actually. It was originally $2.99, so it gets bad marks on the the cheapness.

Score: 6/10

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