My letter in support of the Wisconsin 14

Send you letters of support to the Wisconsin 14 here.

Dear Wisconsin 14,
Thanks for standing up for your constituents and standing against bad laws and bad politics.

I am a scientist and we have no union, no support. I have to move every couple years to wherever I can find work. There are very little in the way of “career tracks”. This is my punishment for following my passion. Sadly, my wife and two fantastic kids have to suffer too. Each move they lose friends and we can never save money for our own future because many science jobs in academia are without benefits or jobs do not last long enough for benefits to really accrue. We have no savings, no retirement plan, but I put away $50 each month for each kids college, yet I work 2 jobs and have a masters of science degree in biology.

In short, no one is looking out for me other than myself. But I can’t do it alone and frankly, I’m exhausted and overworked. I need my politicians to step and do I elected, or at least pay them to do – Represent me! I appreciate you standing up for your constituents, I only wish our federal lawmakers were as brave and stood up for employees and jobs as dedicated as you do.

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One Response to My letter in support of the Wisconsin 14

  1. James says:

    Great words.
    Love the silly drunken stuff and glad the moments of sober clarity are just as awesome.

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