QBCBC 25: Bud Light & Clamato

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 25: Bud Light & Clamato. The QBCBC archive is here.

This contraption is what I like to refer to as OMG TEH FUKKIN HORROR!!!1! What the fuck were they smoking when they made this  crap and put it into a can?? And, can they be dragged out into the street and beaten with rotten tomatoes?

% Alcohol: 4.2

Price: $2.29/24 oz can = $1.15/12 oz. can

Punch: 4.2%/$1.15=3.65

Color: Like rotting pink lemonade.

Aroma: Smells like pasta sauce. Which, btw, IS NOT how a fucking beer should smell like.

First Sip: It taste like V8 and tonic. Which IS NOT  good thing.

Aftertaste: It is teh HoRrOr!

Overall: OMG get it away. I’m not even going to finish this. This is pure crap. I am ashamed to have been swindled into thinking this was anything worth drinking. Please, make it go away before I roll up into the fetal position and suck my thumb crying into a dark corner. Seriously, THIS SHIT IS NOT GOOD. Never again.

Score: -1 gazillion/10

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One Response to QBCBC 25: Bud Light & Clamato

  1. Steve Kass says:

    I can’t believe no one has commented. This is almost definitely the first thing ever to score -1 gazillion/10.

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