Liqueur love

I confess!  I am madly in love with liqueurs. Coffee, chocolate, berry, cinnamon…I love each one.  Over a year ago, after stumbling upon this cranberry liqueur recipe, I realized one important thing.  Liqueurs are ridiculously easy to make!  There is a whole website dedicated to liqueurs and that is where a delightfully easy recipe for pineapple liqueur was found.  This Drunk Scientist made it even easier by using one 16 oz can of chunk pineapple.

The result of my pineapple liqueur experiment? DELICIOUS.  Two bottles of this liquid ambrosia are pictured at left along with tropical themed cocktail (the Alanaasi) whipped up to celebrate this successful experiment.  Given how easy liqueurs are to make, it’s time to hit the kitchen/lab and whip up your own.  Please submit all data to Drunken Science 😉



1.5 oz pineapple liqueur
1 oz spiced rum
1 oz tonic water
Big spoonful of drunk pineapple*
Pour ingredients over ice, shake and strain into a fancy martini class. *The pineapple used to make the liqueur was retained for use in cocktails. And for my daily intake of fruit 😀
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