QBCBC 15: Belhaven Scottish Ale

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 15: Belhaven Scottish Ale. The QBCBC archive is here.

Yes this is sort of cheating, it is not cheap, but it comes in a can. But dammit, after that Bud Light Lime I needed something decent to wash it out of my system.

% Alcohol: 5.2

Price: $2.50/14.9 oz can = $2.01/12 oz. can

Punch: 5.2%/$2.01=2.59

Color: Dark amber.

Aroma: A pleasant combination of citrus and smoky malt.

First Sip: Smoky, malty, a nice bitterness to it, but not heavy at all.

Aftertaste: A tint of smoky chocolate on the back of the tongue.

Overall: A very nice beer, has a lot of flavor to it and very pleasing to drink. Its not very heavy so definitely slammable. Not much of a sipping beer really. Unfortunately the high price for this puppy negates one of the utmost vital criteria of this Quest, being cheap. This is reflected in its low punch. But goddammit this is a good beer! And you can only drink so goddamn piece of shit stinky fuck beer for so goddamn long. I am a man dammit and I deserve a good beer every now and then! … sorry, this Quest is starting to break me I think… and so much shitty beer to drink still. What have I done. WHAT HAVE I DOOOOONE!!!!!

Score: 9/1o

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