QBCBC 10: Steel Reserve 211 (6.0%)

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 10: Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity Beer (6.0%)

I have no idea what this is, but its a cheap beer in a can so it shall be reviewed! The can itself is loaded with superlatives that will need to be thoroughly evaluated. Apparently the 211 is the “medieval symbol for steel”.

% Alcohol: 6.0

Price: $1.39/24 oz can = $0.70/12 oz. can

Punch: 6.0%/$0.70=8.57

Color: Fucking yellow like all the other shit beers I’ve reviewed.

Aroma: Very sweet, like shoving your nose into raw brown cane sugar. Floral and caramel overtones. Quite pleasant aroma actually.

First Sip: Virtually tasteless. Strange.

Aftertaste: Sort of a bitter hoppiness to it on the back of the tongue. Goes down very easy, but was a bit heavier on the carbonation than most CBC’s.

Overall: Not terrible, but not something you would drink for the taste. There really wasn’t anything there. This is definitely designed to assist in getting you fucking wasted. Let’s evaluate the canpraise. “Extra malted barley & select hops for extra gravity” Um, yeah whatever. Did not taste barley, did not taste hops (at all), but could taste the malt which where I probably got that brown sugar overtone from. “Slow brewed for exceptional smooth flavor”. Well there wasn’t any flavor, and is that something that can be smooth?? But it did go down the ole palate very smoothly. Definitely a slammable CBC. All in all a halfway decent beer to slam down after  a day of hard work. High alcohol content, low price, not unpleasant to drink (probably good on a hot summer day). This is has the new record for highest punch too, so definitely a worthy candidate for DrunkSci’s everywhere!

Score: 7/10

QBCBC 1: Schaefer Punch=7.93

QBCBC 2: Budweiser Punch=6.25

QBCBC 3: Bud Light Punch=4.52

QBCBC 4: Modelo Especial Punch=5.13

QBCBC 5: Coors Light Punch=6.67

QBCBC 6: Yuengling Lager Punch=6.57

QBCBC 7: Schlitz Punch=7.8

QBCBC 8: Southpaw Light Punch=8.93

QBCBC 9: Miller Lite Punch = 5.25

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