QBCBC 8: Southpaw Light

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 8: Southpaw Light

Southpaw Light is part of the Plank Road Brewing Co., owned by Miller Brewing Company.

% Alcohol: 5

Price: $13.39/24 pack = $0.56/12 oz. can

Punch: 5%/$0.56=8.93

Color: Almost orangish, darker for a a typically drunk piss lite beer color.

Aroma: Not very pleasant, smells like a colder version of Bourbon Street at 4am on a weekend. Sort of stale and skunked.

First Sip: A little bitter and slightly metallic. For a beer that advertises to be “double-hopped” it isn’t a pleasant bitterness. But it is slightly more noticeable than a typical lite beer (a la Bud Light, etc.). So I got to give it that.

Aftertaste: Again a metallic bitterness (I sampled out of the glass, not the can) and fairly bland, but not very unpleasant.

Overall: Its sort of meh beer. Not fantastic, but not offensive. I’d get it again if I need a case of something cheap to slam down. Its high Punch is because of the very low price of each can, which is another reason I’d get it again – a cheap drunk that won’t leave you feeling like your taste buds were ass raped.

Score: 7/10

QBCBC 1: Schaefer Punch=7.93

QBCBC 2: Budweiser Punch=6.25

QBCBC 3: Bud Light Punch=4.52

QBCBC 4: Modelo Especial Punch=5.13

QBCBC 5: Coors Light Punch=6.67

QBCBC 6: Yuengling Lager Punch=6.57

QBCBC 7: Schlitz Punch=7.8

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