Will Durst developed The Barack Obama 2011 State of the Union Drinking Game.  With twitter atwitter over Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachmann’s planned #SOTU rebuttal, it’s time for her to get the drinking game treatment!

Obviously fake, poor altered photo of Rep Bachmann. Base image from http://huff.to/fOhCYC

#JAYFK Editor-in-Commandant and @DrunkSci follower, @RadiumYttrium started game rules with the tag:




Tweeps have been throwing their rules into the mix…add your’s via a comment!

“Communism” -> shot of vodka

“Illegals” -> shot of tequila

“Elites” -> microbrew funnel

“founding fathers” -> things thrown at screen & 2 shots of brandy

“small towns”, “main street”, “back in Minnesota” -> shot of vodka

She mentions God, Jesus, any of the apostles/disciples, the OT or NT -> keg stand

She says “Obamacare” &/or healthcare reform is “bad for economy” -> shot of tequila

“constitution” -> beer funnel

“conservative values” or “liberal media/bias/politicians”-> shot

“my/our/the [real] America” -> slam a beer

She quotes Declaration of Independence -> whiskey double hit!

“small town values” -> chug a can of Miller Lite

“Ten Commandments” -> Double shot of any whiskey distilled in a dry county

Sneering at Europe -> Absinthe, traditionally prepared

“Family values” -> Any fruity drink w/ a parasol in it.

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