QBCBC 7: Schlitz

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 7: Schlitz

Schlitz began in 1858 and became a midwestern standard, once the largest selling beer in the country, and billed as “The beer that made Milwaukee famous.” Commercials use to say “when you’re out of Schlitz, you’re out of beer.” Bought out by Pabst in 1999, Schlitz was reintroduced just recently in 2008. The original recipe was lost but according to Wikipedia, “Through research of documents and interviews with former Schlitz brewmasters and taste-testers, the 1960s formula was reconstructed”.

% Alcohol: 4.7

Price: $3.59/6 pack = $0.60/12 oz. can

Punch: 4.7%/$0.60=7.8

Color: Golden with no head.

Aroma: Hoppy and citrusy. More than a slight malty aroma to it.

First Sip: Tastes like it smells, slight hoppiness and malty. It loses any citrusness and has very little floral characteristics.

Aftertaste: Slight bitterness, slight hops taste (just a kiss of it, perhaps…). Very little of the malt afterness, not particularly sweet.

Overall: I enjoy this beer and would consider making it a regular component of my fridge. It has a bit more taste than other canned beers and is very affordable at 60 cents a can.

Score: 8/10

QBCBC 1: Schaefer Punch=7.93

QBCBC 2: Budweiser Punch=6.25

QBCBC 3: Bud Light Punch=4.52

QBCBC 4: Modelo Especial Punch=5.13

QBCBC 5: Coors Light Punch=6.67

QBCBC 6: Yuengling Lager Punch-6.57

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