Open letter to the universe

My lab is a fucking hotbox. Seriously, I do NOT understand why it is so damn hot in my lab right now. No wonder all the lab peeps left early for the day. I’m dying here.

Is it really SO MUCH to ask that the temperature be controlled in this building?

And really, if cash is so tight that we are not able to pay state workers a COL pay increase then WHY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD are we wasting the energy to run the heater at full blast?

The worst part??? MY FUCKING BEER IS HOT ONLY 2 MIN AFTER I OPENED IT! Here I am, trying to enjoy a delicious Deschutes Black Butte Porter after my first class after the break and it is already warm.

What have I done to deserve this?? Wait…don’t answer that.

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scientist, mom, runner, beverage lover
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4 Responses to Open letter to the universe

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  2. Ann Onymous says:

    Our lab is ALWAYS ridiculously cold and to top it off we are a dry campus. My friend sneaks Kahlua in his coffee mug.

  3. Since when has being a dry campus ever stopped researchers from getting wasted while your computer is “compiling”. lol

  4. Helran says:

    Our lab is not humidity… i always become like a raisin.
    Be happy, nobody steal your beer… one day my fucking good wine was
    stolen from the frigde… ! I will never know the taste of it 😦

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