QBCBC 3: Bud Light

The Quest for the Best Cheap Beer in a Can continues, episode 3: Bud Light

Seriously, what the fuck is this shit?? Did I just pay money for this horrid diarrheaesque puke-factory load of crap?? What?? I got 5 more of these to drink!? FML

% Alcohol: 4.2

Price: $5.59/6 pack = $0.93/12 oz. can

Punch: 4.2%/$0.93=4.52

Color: Like the color of my piss after I’ve dehydrated myself for 24 hours.

Aroma: Quite different from Budweiser actually. This smells like New Orleans at 4am with 100% humidity in May. In other words, like my FUCKING ASS.

First Sip: Very water down tasting. Seriously folks, this is not good in the least bit. There is no hops to it, not once fraction of bitterness unit, slightly malty but mostly just tastes like stale carbonation.

Aftertaste: Very bland and frankly a little artificial tasting.

Overall: This is truly an offense to humanity. It blows my mind that people would actually make a conscious decision to drink this crap. I’m trying to keep an open mind during this but at the first 2 beers weren’t totally offensive, but this shit is not worth even a shred of a grain salt. In fact, I might put salt in it just to make palatable.

Score: 1/10

It got one point for having alcohol in it.

QBCBC 1: Schaefer Punch=7.93

QBCBC 2: Budweiser Punch=6.25


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4 Responses to QBCBC 3: Bud Light

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  4. Scicurious says:

    Isn’t it this that advertises its high ‘drinkability’. As in “it’s potable! It won’t kill you!!!” Enough said, right there.

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