The quest to find the best cheap beer in a can

You see, I’m a beer snob. Like, in a major way. And its an expensive habit and I don’t make much money. So, I’m on a quest to find the best cheap beer in a can to satiate my undying thirst for alcoholic beverages. Oskar Blues Brewing Co. doesn’t count because its not cheap, although by far the best beer in a can.

So far I’ve tried:
Bud Light
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Miller High Life
Miller Genuine Draft
Corona Light

There is definitely a separation where Pabst, Schaefer and Schlitz come out ahead in the pack. Budweiser made large strides when it improved its recipe for the All American Lager, but hasn’t kept pace with my tastes. I need to be able to taste the hops a bit more than the malt to be happy. I wasn’t happy with Corona in a can. Not sure why either, it seemed to taste a little flatter than in the bottle.

Any other recommendations of cheap beer in a can to try?

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27 Responses to The quest to find the best cheap beer in a can

  1. You might want to give Coors a try. And tallboys. Always tallboys.

  2. Oh shit, I forgot baout Coors, I’ll add it to the list. My friend had a joke, went something like

    Officer: “have you bring drinking son?”
    Me: “yes, I had 6 coors.”
    Officer: “I thought I asked if you’d been drinking?”

    Coors is what one drinks to sober up and drive home.

  3. Katharine says:

    How about Dale’s Pale … oh, nevermind. How can you be a beer snob and a cheap bastard? The best way to get cheap beer is to have friends who brew their own.

  4. John McKay says:

    It’s been years since I researched cheap canned lager. Back when I did, I definitely preferred regional beers to national brands. Sadly, many of those beers are now gone, but they live on in the hearts and livers of those who loved them.

  5. DrugMonkey says:

    Cuurs? Srsly? Maybe you’d better look into what you are supporting in addition to the shitty taste of Cuurs.

  6. We cannot stand for the agendization of beer Drug Monkey! Beer should be free of the worldly woes of our misguided humanity.

    • GingerSpicedRum says:

      Exactly. Fuck stereotypes of beer. Is this blog being sponsored by a competitor beer or something?

    • drugmonkey says:

      tell it to the poor innocent fishies being destroyed in the production of shitty tasting Cuurs… from the Adolf (no relation) Coors family of rightwing theocratic douchemonkey fucktards.

      • My pops told me stories of when Coors used to be teh r0xxors! It was more like a microbrew and there was a noticable relationship of taste with distance from Colorado. Shit hits the fan when you try to commercialize.

        • DrugMonkey says:

          i call bullshit. I bet it was always just shittier tasting Bud, only you couldn’t get it everywhere so dumbshits (exemplified by Smokey and the Bandit) thought it must be good.

          • It wouldn’t surprise me honestly. My dad only drinks good beer whenever I come to visit. He thinks Heinekin or Killian’s Red is what you buy when you want to impress someone with a “fancy beer”. In my lifetime, Coors is what you drink when you want to sober up.

            ‘Honestly officer, how could I be drunk? I was drinking Coors all night!’

          • DrugMonkey says:

            plus there is that high altitude effect. people traveling through CO would be wasted after two beers and think it must be great. hell, it was probably 3.2 beer at the time….

  7. scotchgirl says:

    No matter how hard I try, I just can’t bring myself to like cheap beer. I usually stick to vodka cranberry with well vodka if I need to get myself liquored up and cheap stuff is all that’s available.

    • GingerSpicedRum says:

      My mixed drink of choice is Three Olives Grape and Sugar Free Red Bull. Occasionally, Three Olives Cherry. YUMMY.

  8. Supertec says:

    Get some Stella Artois down yer neck, son.

  9. Victor says:

    Trader Joe’s sells Simpler Times larger for something like $4 / 6-pack. It’s a cheap light beer.

  10. negroniplease says:

    Have you had Pork Slap? That’s actually very tasty, and comes in a can, and I think is sort of cheap!

  11. Isis the Scientist says:

    I am saving my beer money so that I can buy a robot to pour it for me.

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