More BLAME TEH WYMYNZ at Daily Fail

The women are scared and not going to take it anymore! You see, with the rise in income in british femmes, they decided unilaterally that they would rather get dissected than to push a human life out of the vajayjay. At least that is what is connoted by the FAILline “Mothers ‘too posh to push for baby No. 2’ as demand for Caesareans increases“*.

Hospitals don’t mind performing c-sections because surgery makes more money for them and they are in control of the delivery.  But, it is clearly the woman’s fault for what is likely to become thousands of children who will grow up to be emotionally bankrupt future mass murderers because they weren’t coddled immediately after having their head squeezed into a cone. Clearly womanic race are too selfish to perform the millennia-old tradition of  nearly dying in order to propogate their genes. Clearly, in the words of the great Jedi master Yoda, “hysterical, woman are”. Just shut up and listen to that doctor!

After going through all the statistics describing how C-Sections are on the rise in the UK and how it is because women are requesting them, they hide the real reasons,

Birth trauma clinics, which support women after difficult labours, say they have seen a doubling in patients in the past 12 months. Cathy Warwick, of the Royal College of Midwives, said: ‘If a midwife is very busy, clearly she won’t have time between dealing with women in labour to give others emotional support and reassurance.’

Doctors and midwives increasingly offer C-sections if women are fearful of giving birth, she added, although the procedure used to be only carried out in an emergency or if the birth was likely to be complicated.

The midwives are doctors are too busy to deal with high maintenance women! Sounds like an infrastructural problem not a problem with the womanic race to me. Its easy to blame to woman or the patient though. They are the ones seeking care and medical advice. They are in the position of inferiority (typically) and place their trust in the medical profession. I mean, who isn’t scared shitless of birthing a child!

As a father of 2 I was scared shitless for my wife enough for the both of us. She was a rockstar and hero, after nearly nearly dying of blood loss twice. First kid was an emergency c-section after 22 hours of labor and nearly 3 hours of pushing. Second was a scheduled c-section (given the problems with the last kid) and still she required 2 sacks of blood transfusion. You see, they didn’t get all of the placenta out like they thought they did. If even a little is there, it will still let blood flow from the mother to her body thinks is still a baby attached to her. She was blue before Avatar made it cool.

There was more than a split second where I was worried I was going to be a single dad. THANK THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER for attentive nurses the first time, and both nurses and a well-prepared doctor standing by the second time. NO THANKS to an asshole anesthesiologist who probably thought “Hysterical, women are” when I told him she could FEEL the incision as she was so exhausted and drugged up to say it any louder than a whisper in my ear as I held onto her tightly. She couldn’t even scream, she tried but nothing came out. Apparently, he knew better than us, even though he must have known that the epidural would have worn off after those 3 hours of pushing??

So, I hope you can see I am very sensitive to c-sections and how they affect women. If it were ANY other time in history, she would have died. I’m not even being dramatic, its just fact. We both had nightmares for a long time after that. Sometimes, and she doesn’t know this, when I’m late at night and drinking alone I still think about it and hits me, hard. Its been 5 years almost exactly since little bastard #1.

What the moral my ranting? Shitty reporting always seeks to blame the woman no matter how fucking cryptic. This is probably the hardest thing a new family will EVER have to go through, the last thing they need is someone making them feel like shit going through the process. More support, less douchebaggery please. kthankxbai!

* The title was only later changed from “too posh” to “too scared”. LOL D-bags to the max.

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4 Responses to More BLAME TEH WYMYNZ at Daily Fail

  1. April says:

    Rockin rant.
    Giving birth is hard core, Bear-Grylls-can-eat-my-twat heroics. None of my black belts caused me to hurt or fear anything like childbirth!
    Anyone who wants to hang shit on teh wymminz for forgoing the squeeze is welcome to have a watermelon inserted in their rectum, anytime.

  2. This. This. THIS.

    Go into an old cemetery, one that’s been around since at least the 1850s. Notice how often the following family tombstone pattern occurs: Large husband stone, with birth and death dates separated by at least six decades, surrounded by two to three to four smaller stones belonging to his wives, who he married one after the other, usually with minimal intervening space, after they’d succumb to eclampsia birthing their first or second child.

    Notice how this pattern goes away after around, oh, 1930 or so.

    I’ll take modern medicine for $500, Alex.

  3. Oh, yeah, and the Daily Fail — that’s The Forger’s Gazette we’re talking about:

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